UNET Players not spawning on server change scene

I am using NetworkStarter sample project to make a lobby:

The problem i have is when i change scene the player prefab does now spawn.
The first time it enters to the game it does spawn, if you win the level and continue, in the next level it doesn’t spawn.

I have somethink like:

I already have done this with a game of mine, but here i can’t find what’s happening.
In the level i have game object with network start position.

The weird thing is that is the same level, the flow is:
Menu (lobby) → game (level1) ->game (level1)
the first time in the game it does spawn the player, but when i change scene it doesn’t any more.

thank u in advance!

Did you ever figure this out? One thing I’m noticing is that the port on the server network manager seems to just go back to the default value(7777) whenever it changes scene. This could be a cause of the problem…