[UNET] Random Characteristic

Hello guys,

So I started making a Hunger Games like game, in multiplayer, using UNet. I’ve been using Brackeys’ tutorials, and I’ve done a pretty decent amount of work already, but there is one thing I’d like to understand.
In my game, the player has randomly generated characteristics (facial hair, etc). Right now, the player is a capsule and those characteristics are represented by three cubes of different color I attached to the player. These are disabled by default. I made a script, choposing a value between 0 and 100, and making it choose which one should set active when which value is chosen. The script works, but the other players can’t see what color I have on me, neither can I see the other player’s colors. Can anyone help?

I apologise for being a UNet noob, but I’m eager to learn ! Thanks in advance !

It works now, but only the client can see the host’s color. The host cannot see the client’s color. If you need code, I can give some.