Unet Sync Particle System

I’ve been playing around with the new Unet sample projects and the presentation demo.
Most things seem to be working as advertised for now, I would definitely like to see more examples and hopefully tutorials and live learning sessions down the road to help me better learn and understand what’s going on.

Anyway, my question is how to sync a player’s particle system so it’s visible to the other players?
Example is the space shooter demo from the unity presentation, the 2D shooter game and the tank game.
When a player thrusts his airplane he can see the particle system but other players can’t.

In all these 3 sample projects, all code related to synchronizing the particle systems is incomplete and all commented out giving me no example of a working sample. Tried to tinker around with RPC and state synchronization with no luck.

Any help is much appreciated.

The particle system should be triggered locally on each client, connected to forward motion of the craft or something to that effect. This minimises pointless Network usage which would otherwise seriously spoil your game.

Thanks to Sean and Chris from this other thread we got it to finally work.
Link for refernce: