Unet Timeout Issues

Hello everyone, I keep trying to create the local networking but everytime I try to join the host it keeps saying "Unet Client Disconnect Error : Timeout. This involves no coding yet only the NetworkManager component and the player is a cube with just the Identity on it. The host can join the level and have the player created but when the client tries to enter it, it keeps giving me that issue. Anyone else getting this issue?

(Update 06/15/15) I have found out my personal computer works with the localhost with two programs up and running and my work computer does not. There both the same computer with same os, same virus protection, the only thing that is different is that my personal computer runs personal unity while my work is running pro version. Now I’ve opened up firewalls on my virus protection and gave unity and the standalone administrator permission and it still seems to not want to join. I’ve reinstalled unity as well so what could I possibly be doing to get this issue with Unet.

I believe I did solve the issue. Seems that the port 7777 has issues with certain computers I believe since that is happening on my computers. So if you change the port for example to 1234, that should solve the problem. Hope this helps.

Would be really interested in how this can be solved, since I’m having similar problems.

I have set the port to 25000 but there are still timeouts

Yup, I had upgraded my router and then I was getting timeout errors when attempted to join my local server from a build…I had attempted to port forward, enabled dmz, checked firewalls… found this post and changed the port from 7777 to like 1616 and I can join myself again o.O. THANK YOU!

I just Changed It Into Other Numbers But Still, The Timeout Issue Is Running On my laptop