[UNet] Transmitting simple Parameters between Players

I’ve been working on a chess game for the past few month, more specifically a multidimensional chess game (up to 6 Dimensions). I really want to add a multiplayer, but I’m not very versed in Unet. It’ll only have 2 Players, and I won’t need any position or rotation syncing or Player Prefabs, all I want to do is have a method like TakeTurn(Vector6 from, Vector6 to) , that is called every turn and transmits the two Vectors to the other player and the other way around. Matchmaking and Lobbys etc. are not important for now.
Thanks in advance, Felix

Take a look at this:

You can sync variables or send Remote Procedure Calls (RPC). You’re looking for RPCs.
If you’re planning on a network / multiplayer game of any type then I’d highly suggest working through the tutorials here (Learn Game Development Without Coding Experience | Unity)