UNet (Unity multiplayer) or Photon questions about matchmaking

Hi, I just have a couple of questions i want to ask about the new Unity Multiplayer UNET thing.

  1. Can you use UNET just for matchmaking? so I will not need to pay for servers and the servers will be hosted by the players themselves like server-client model (listen servers)

  2. Does the CCU in the UNET dashboard represent how many players are currently playing in all the server? or is it just how many players are searching for a match if i were to have matchmaking?
    Like if I have a limit of 20 CCU, can i have 20 players looking for matches using matchmaking and like unlimited numbers of players that are already in servers?

I don’t know if my questions make any sense, but what i want to do is just have basic matchmaking so people with like the same level will be matched up, I don’t want dedicated servers, what i want to do is basically allow people to just click find match and it will put like 4 players with the same level into a lobby and it will check which of those people have the lowest ping and make that person the host of the game.

I don’t have the networking working yet, just finished all the other stuff before i turn into co-op, so i want to get it working now.

Thank you.

also i looked through photon which seems to be cheaper but im not sure about the CCU and all the stuff. would be very grateful if someone could explain it to me.

I saw this video Matchmaking - Part 2 Lesson 3 Photon Unity Tutorial - YouTube but im still not sure if the CCU includes people that are already in a server/room or the people that are looking for a server/room

can someone please help? has anyone tried networking?
I’m currently working in ue4 and i don’t want to start on the co-op on unity unless I can be sure that the CCU only includes the players that are currently searching for a match and not everyone who is playing the game that are in a server/room already.

Thank you