Unet with LAN and wifi Hotspot


I am developing LAN multiplayer game using UNET .

I have used UDP multicast to broadcast server ip and other devices can listen it.

I have extended network manger for some customization required.

I am happy because it works successfully in router.

The device which make server can broadcast its ip and other device automatically gets the server ip(it can be game name as well) in the list

On selecting server the client can join the game. I have avoided situation where user type ip.

Worst part start when i make any device as Wifi Hotspot and other device joins it.

Even Server creation fails,

I can share my code as well if someone going to help me.

Is it issue with UNET ?

Is something specific solution needed to be used?

Did you ever solve your problem? I am also having difficulty with a multiplayer LAN game using UNET.

You can try Network Discovery class provided by UNET without any issue.

You may refer this.

This may solve problem

hello @Brijs ,

I have done same thing, and its working fine. Joining and playing game. Unity Network lobby package from asset store for UI and game player generation. But After comming back to lobby getting and pressing join button of lobby manager ui Getting error like " uNet- A connection has already been set as ready. There can only be one."
Don’t know how to resolve.