"Unexpect symbol public"

Hi, Really gearing up here. everything coming together.
I’m trying to build a script that loads prefabs form a Folder on my website, on connection calls from a www. class and then instantiates prefabs as child as “User” Game Object.
and trying to unserstand Unity Online coding in more depth.
// yess i have my own site and have it to replace "your

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class UserShips : MonoBehaviour 

void Connect (){ 
		PhotonView pv = PhotonView.Get(this);
		if (pv.isMine)
		 // If this belongs to the owner of this User.
		public string path = "http://www.yourwebsitehere.com/Assets/Figheters";  //get assets / fighters folder.
		IEnumerator Start()
			WWW www = new WWW(url);
			yield return www;  // Returns the folder "Fighters" and all the prefabs of fighters.
			Debug("has got Folder Fighters from Online Fighters Hanger Awaiting command."); 
			UnityEditor.AssetDatabase.CreateAsset(Fighters, path);
					 // Instantiate Prefabs from folder from path as child of User 
					// All fighters are automaticly Inactive.
				SpawnedObject Fighters = PhotonNetwork.Instantiate ("Fighters", transform.position, transform.rotation,0);

	} // End of Start Void.
} // end of public class

Your local variable in the Connect method is scoped to that method, you do not need to set the access modifiers, remove the word public on line 14.

Although you may have wanted to put the string variable as a field in the class, for some reason you have a lingering System.Serializable.