Unexpected behaviour with transparent image

Hi all. I have simple image of two lines.
However, in Unity this transparent image looks like this on the default black background. Any ideas why?


I wanted to double check some information with you to understand the problem better:

  • Assuming the problem is with the image on the right, with the black background, is the “Unexpected behavior” the banding of the color around the edges of the strokes?
  • Would you be able to provide more information (description and/or screenshots) on where the Unity part of the image came from? For example, is it in the Texture Importer preview panel, or is it from your game’s main camera view at runtime, or something else?


I think It might have to do with the opacity. Maybe in the image, or whatever you used to make the picture, make the brush full opacity(Not transparent), and then in the unity editor, change the color of the image to be transparent.

Ok, I solved this problem. The reason was that Unity recently started to set new projects’ color space to linear instead of gamma as it was before. No idea why it’s now linear by default.