Unexpected blur on fast moving object


Notice the bee on the left has blurry wings, yet the bee on the right does not. These are both the same, but why the blur? It’s actually what I want, but I can’t work out why there is a blur. I’ve just captured a frame here so you can see what is going on and it’s not an effect of my monitor. I don’t have a motion blur post processor. The wings are moving super fast however, like a real buzz and so they would be moving substantially over frames. The effect is totally what I want I just don’t understand the blur. I also think I have seen that on other meshes perpendicular to the camera but not sure. It’s using a regular shader and the wings do consist of 2x the meshes facing each direction rather than being double sided polys.

Can anyone explain this for me?

It looks like depth of field… You don’t any depth of field on, do you? Maybe need to adjust it a bit.

Other than that, you should still be seeing wings (or multiple sets of wings depending on exactly how fast they update), so I don’t know.

Sorry if I’m not more helpful.