Unexpected symbol `0' in class, struct, or interface member declaration

I am new to Unity and I was using an First Person Controller but keem getting the error “error CS1519: Unexpected symbol `0’ in class, struct, or interface member declaration”
Here’s my code:

private void PlayFootStepAudio()
            if (!m_CharacterController.isGrounded)
            // pick & play a random footstep sound from the array,
            // excluding sound at index 0
            int n = Random.Range(1, m_FootstepSounds.Length);
            m_AudioSource.clip = m_FootstepSounds[n];
            // move picked sound to index 0 so it's not picked next time
            m_FootstepSounds[n] = m_FootstepSounds[0];
            m_FootstepSounds[0] = m_AudioSource.clip;

It seems like you are trying to get a random sound and not get the same one in a row. You should have a previous value negation.
psudo code would be

if(n == currentValue){n++};

m_FootstepSounds[n] = currentValue;

m_FootstepSounds[currentValue] = m_AudioSource.clip;

I was able to solve the error by using [Range(0f,1f)]