Unexpected Symbol 'GUI'

I got an open source project and opened it up. It was working awesome until I opened the scripts and an error magically appeared without me touching anything. The code is here, I can’t seem to figure out why it throws that error when GUI is completely valid and was working before. Help would be greatly appreciated.

	void OnGUI()
		// Set the GUI's skin to our custom skin
		GUI.skin = skin

		GUI.Label(new Rect(Screen.width/2 - 100,10f,200,200), curScore.ToString(), skin.GetStyle("Score")); // ERROR HERE
		// If the bird died, show the game over screen
		if (showGameOver)
			// Define the screen space for the game over window
			Rect currentGameOver = new Rect(Screen.width/2 - (losePromptWH.x/2), Screen.height/2 - (losePromptWH.y/2), losePromptWH.x, losePromptWH.y);
			// Generate a box based on the game over window rectangle
			GUI.Box (currentGameOver, "Game Over", skin.GetStyle("Game Over"));
			// Draw our current score within the game over window
			GUI.Label(new Rect(currentGameOver.x + 15f, currentGameOver.y + 50f, currentGameOver.width * .5f, currentGameOver.height * .25f), "Score: " + curScore.ToString());
			// Draw our highscore within the game over window (if the highscore was beaten, it will show your current score)
			GUI.Label(new Rect(currentGameOver.x + 15f, currentGameOver.y + 70f, currentGameOver.width * .5f, currentGameOver.height * .25f), "High score: " + highscore.ToString());
			// Draw a replay button on screen and check to see if it was clicked
			if (GUI.Button (new Rect(currentGameOver.x + (currentGameOver.width - 150), currentGameOver.y + (currentGameOver.height - 80), 130, 60), "", skin.GetStyle("Play")))
				// If it is clicked, reload the level
				// Load the highscore from our save file
				highscore = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Highscore");

End line 4 with a semi-colon.