Unexpected Symbol: 'Public' [C#]

So I made a c# Script:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class WeaponStats : MonoBehaviour {


	void Start() {

	public bool  automatic;    	//False = onbuttondown + cooldown;  true = onbutton + cooldown
	public float fireRate;    	//I guess this is self-explanatory 
	public int   bulletAmount;	//the amount of bullets being ejected from one shot.
	public float accuracy;    	//Bullet flies where the crosshair is +- the accuracy in degrees
	public float accuracyAimed;	//Same but when aimed
	public float cooldown;		//When u switch weapons,this should be set to something so you cant switchabuse
	public int   damage;        //Damage the wep deals
	public bool  silenced;		//Whether the wep is silenced or not. u need to implement this in the ai somehow.
	public float moveSpeed;		//The speed the player moves with the wep equipped.

	automatic     = false;			   
	fireRate      = 1;
	bulletAmount  = 1; 
	accuracy      = 5;  
	accuracyAimed = 1;
	cooldown      = 1;	
	damage        = 10;	
	silenced      = false;
	moveSpeed     = 3;	



But the console gives me the Error:
  Assets/Scripts/WeaponStats.cs(XX,14): error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `public'
For the lines 10-18, and i just can't figure out whats wrong with it.
Can someone help?


Class members should be defined inside the class block, but outside the methods.

Move all your “public” lines above the “void Start()” line.

Variables declared inside of functions already have their scope defined and restricted to that function. As a result, you can not define whether a variable is public or private within a function, only globally in the class variables.