unexpected token

what does it mean when it says there is an unexpected token in a script like:

unexpected token: camera

unexpected token: strict

unexpected token: implicit

can anyone help with this cos i need the script for my homework and only have a few days left to complete it. thanx

here is the script

 camera: main#pragma strict

 #pragma implicit

 #pragma ;downcast;

another problem on a different script it

expecting } found ;. ( character 22)

and here is the line of code with the problem but i cant find where to put the } cos every where creates more problems with it.

public var camera; ;: main; camera;

thanx again for any help

It sounds like there's a simple parsing error in your script (e.g. a mismatched brace). If you need more specific help than that, edit your post to include the script that's generating the error.

unexpected token: camera means you have the word camera in there and your not using it properly. look at the camera script reference you should spot your problem straight away.

  #pragma strict
  #pragma implicit
  #pragma downcast

dont need to be in your script unless your optomising it for online play and they should be at the very top of the page.

an eof is an end of function which is this } character you put it at the end of functions!


function Start()

function DoSomething()
   if (SomethingHasNotBeenDone)
      Debug.Log ("Do Something Else");

ignore the meaning of the words and look at how the eof is used, there is always a start of function and end of function just like you would use sentances and paragraphs in literary English


if you are finding errors asking for eofs and there are already ones there it means the syntax for the previopus line is incomplete, have a look at the line above and check that the parametres you have put in match the ones on the script reference for it