"Unfortunately, this package no longer available"

just seen this message in package manager for some assets (Unity 2022.2)
this wasn't the case before. it was possible to download bought assets even after they were deprecated.

is this a bug?

*now that I searched, it looks like
in one case the asset author is not on the asset store anymore
the second case the asset author is on the store, but asset is not

I just had this same issue happen, first time, I seen it since the store open, so it happening more and more...

Which asset was it?

I don't know if should mention names, but in both cases it was long time asset publishers.
okay, from the asset publishers forum got that the second case was that the car models looked close to real cars.
in first case I have to assume publisher left the store.

I can't see how mentioning the assets (they were on the store after all) could be a problem. Perhaps there is an explanation or some form of remediation, i.e. a refund, alternative, etc. Giving others a heads up is generally considered a good thing. And if the author of one of the packages is still there contacting them is a good start.

Just so you know, a package being removed is different from a package being deprecated. You can still download deprecated packages.

So I spent money on a package that I now can’t download anymore because it was removed?

normally if its depreciated, you can still download the last, if it was removed, it was likely removed for legal reasons, and so had to be removed…