Unibill in-app purchase plugin, any experience?

I decided to go with Unibill plugin for in app purchase system. because of their great documentation . it was easier to understanding and working with.
however because of the country i live in, it’s hard to buy stuff from internet so i wanna use some experiences before i’m buying that.
so if anyone worked with this plugin please share that to me. thanks

If you haven’t bought the plugin already you might want to try the open source in-app purchase plugin by soomla (disclosure - I’m a co-founder)

There is also an official version (also free) at www.soom.la.

Important note - this plugin actually builds a full in-game store experience so it’s not for everyone. If you are just looking for a ‘remove ads’ button than a paid plugin might be your only option.

I’m the author of Unibill - I think our Asset store page now contains a decent level of feedback about how people have been getting on with it.

My favorite plugin of all time. Can’t recommend highly enough!