Uniform Texture on 2D mesh.

Hi, I am generating random 2D meshes but when I attach an image as texture on them the image is distorted. Is this happening because the formed triangles are not orthogonal?

I provide an image example with a texture applied on an spaceship on the left and a cube on the right. The cubes face consists of two orthogonal triangles and the image looks normal, irrelevant of tiling. On the spaceship, the (tiled) image is skewed.

Is there any way to make the textures look uniform irrelevant of geometry they’re placed on?



So problem here is that generally in 3D graphic (it might look like a plane, but technicly it’s a 3D object with scale 0 on z axis) how texture is placed on a model (mesh) is decided by UV Map. Now, I don’t really have experience with texturing in unity, but I believe you can assign your UVMap (wich determines the basic texture coordinates) in your model’s Mesh. But now you have to just create that UVMap in any 3D graphic program (like Blender 3D or 3D Max) and just import it, or to find a way to generate those at runtime.

Oh and that link might be helpfull…

Nice, thanks for the link!