Unifycommunity wiki down..anyone have SkyboxBlended shader source from there?

I am trying to follow peteys excellent video tutorials to learn about day/night cycle scripting over at BurgZerg arcade

At 5:58 in the video, he is using a SkyboxBlended shader (which takes in the textures of two skyboxes and dynamically blends between the two) from

Unfortunately the wiki over there seems to have been hacked/spammed (idiot vandals) and has been down for a while. Any chance someone has the source for that shader and can reply with it here ?

Thanks in advance and hoping that the unifycommunity server doctors can revive their patient eventually !

==> oops just saw this same question here, unfortunately the answer (use google’s cache) is no longer valid because its crawler has vacuumed up all the Viagra spam that was there before they shut the wiki down. So the question stands, any lucky current owners of this oft-referenced shader ?

Looks like @eric5h5 sneezed on the keyboard… I think what he was trying to write was http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php/SkyboxBlended. :slight_smile:

Anyone know how to get this shader now?