"UniGif" GIF image decoder for Unity - now available for free on GitHub

I added a new asset on GitHub.
“UniGif” is GIF image decoder for Unity.

UniGif - https://github.com/WestHillApps/UniGif

Get a texture list by decoding a GIF file in runtime.
Supports GIF87a or GIF89a format. (Animation, Transparent, Interlaced, etc)

It is made with Unity4.3.4 (Mac, Win, Android, iOS), work probably also in other versions.

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Hello WestHill,

Very nice tool!

I have a question about the possible “lock up” in GetTextureList, when does it occur?
I haven’t run into any problems yet and I would like to avoid using GetTextureListCoroutine so I would like to know if it’s safe to continue using GetTextureList.


Is there a way to load the gif in the background?
I am working with android and its very slow and the entire scene froze until all gif are downloaded from the internet.
I want to load them from memory but it doesnt find them, it work in the editor.

You saved me, thanks!

Hello, loved your work! Thanks.
I hope you're still answering to this post.

I'm using your asset to play a gif from StreamingAssets folder and playing perfectly fine. But after getting file data, screen freezes for 10-15 seconds before gif starts playing. Everything freezes. Why? How can I prevent this?

I updated UniGif.
Changed the decoding process to coroutine, so please check it.

Hey folks, is this still working well in 5.6?

It works perhaps.

This works in 2017.2 as i got it after getting frustrated with the VideoPlayer API, only drawback is it takes a while to load the GIFs , if i had more knowledge id look into optimizing that process , other than that in 1 hr I set up a test app and got the desired result after wasting 2 goddamn days on the Unity VideoPlayer API path.

So thank you WestHill for this great library and making it available for free.

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