Uninstalling Unity Purchasing

Can anyone suggest the right way to uninstall unity purchasing? I added it to my project once, but now I want to remove it. I deleted it from /Plugins, but when I try to compile on iOS it crashes with “no such file or directory: …/iOS/UnityPurchasing.m”. I’m going to guess there is a config file I need to prune somewhere?

what happen if you reinstall it (so you complete the missings files) and don’t use it ? Are you forced to use it when it’s installed ?

I’ve managed to solve it!

in Xcode go to your project and choose your project under TARGETS > Build Phases > Compile Sources
scroll down until you get to UnityPurchasing.m. Click on it, Then Click on “-” below the Compile Sources list.

Now you should be able to build your game.
good luck