Unintended bounce on 2D platformer

Ive seen this question asked a lot, but didnt found a solution that worked on them (or atleast that i could apply to my project), im still not sure what are the conditions to replicate this bug, i belive its related to the speed it has, as it only happens after doing a jump canceled dash wich increases the velocity on x, but sometimes my character bounces after landing, it doesnt do it right away, a few frames pass before the bounce takes effect, heres a video:

i already checked the materials have no bounciness, i tried adding linear drag to see if it helped but it kinda messes with the character making it too floaty, the two objects colliding are:

-the character (2D collider and rigidbody2D (dynamic) )
-the level (Rigidbody2D (static), Composite collider (Polygon) , and Tilemap Collider2D)

im not sure what information else to share, but if you think you can help please ask me to provide you with any extra information you could use, thanks in advance.

I found a bit of an ugly fix, so it wasnt really the physics making it bounce, but rather a bump that happened because of one of the lines of the Composite collider, i just covered the platform that had the diagonal with another collider and it got rid of most of the bump/bounce effect, still hoping to find a better way to get rid of it but maybe this helps somebody else using the 2D extras package