Union License Question


I’m new to Unity, so this might seem like a silly question. Do you know if union sells games on all platforms, considering the mobile and console fees are (for an independant dev like me) quite pricy.

Thank You

It would be unreasonable to develop on all platforms (even excluding the ones that can be developed through the normal Unity process) (by ‘all platforms’ I mean EVERY platform that is used in decent amount today).

According to this blog post, Union supports the BlackBerry PlayBook, Roku, and Nokia MeeGo N9 platforms. Of course, this could just be referring to the platforms that are not otherwise available through Unity normally, as the FAQ for Union does mention Android and iOS.

As Unity does keep 20% of the money gained from Union, it is probable that they will work on getting your game on mobile and possible consoles. Of course, you could always ask them through email yourself.