union questions

as in Made With Unity | Unity

“Where will my game go? Unity is
working with several store and
platform partners to achieve the
broadest distribution possible for
your games.”

well, where did it went? I cannot find any in steams store or other population e-store?
maybe I’ve look in wrong place…

can you give us a list of store what union use.

Thank you.

The Unity Union team is working mostly with new platform partners. Typically, when a company creates a new phone/mobile device/gadget, they want a portfolio of games to deliver when the thing ships. The press release they did with Sony-Ericsson is a good example of this. Union delivered to SE some popular Unity-based games, and did the (small) porting work to get these games onto the Xperia PLAY. Union is not a game publisher, and expressly does not publish games on stores where it is trivial for game developers to do so for themselves. Rather, Union is all about getting your games into places where you might face significant challenges doing it for yourself. Also, new platform partners will typically want to take successful games, so proving the games are popular (by publishing on the AppStore or Steam) is a sure way to get your game noticed.