uniqueIdentifier in Chartboost and PlayHaven

I tried submit my game to iTunes connetct, buy I can’t did it because in Chartboost and PlayHaven plugin used non public iOS API - uniqueIdentifier:
localhost:jelly pavel$ grep -r ‘uniqueIdentifier’ * .[!.]*
Binary file Assets/Plugins/iOS/libChartboost.a matches
Binary file Assets/Plugins/iOS/libPlayHaven.a matches
Binary file gameIOS/Data/Managed/UnityEngine.dll matches
Binary file gameIOS/Libraries/libChartboost.a matches
Binary file gameIOS/Libraries/libiPhone-lib.a matches
Binary file gameIOS/Libraries/libPlayHaven.a matches
. In chartboost it remove from iOS SDK - http://joxi.ru/3svbUv3JTJD0LQq0OaQ , but not remove from Unity plugin. Somebody fixed this problem?

Hey Pavel,

Sorry to hear about the trouble with Chartboost! First, I want to make sure you’re using the latest files. There’s an official Chartboost unity plugin here. If you need to support iOS 4.3+, you can just open the unity plugin in your Unity project, then replace the libChartboost.a and Chartboost.h files in the Plugins/iOS folder with the legacy files here.

The uniqueIdentifier in libChartboost.a is expected, but the reference will not remain in release builds. Try grepping the built binary to see if it’s still an issue. If it is, it could be a caching issue. Xcode sometimes caches third party libraries for builds - you should make sure that all local files and caches are deleted in Xcode before trying another build. I’m not sure if Unity has similar caching, but if it does that could also cause issues.

And, as always, if you have other issues please contact official Chartboost support at support@chartboost.com!

Full Disclosure: I work for Chartboost :slight_smile: