Unit stops responding when i import models. WHY???

So guys, i am programming an fps game, and making my game models on Blender 2.6.7. I made a simple model for the level 1 map, and saved it into Unit assets folder. Sure, everything works ok. Then i keep programming for about 30 minutes, and decide to make another model for the character. I did it, but, when i try to save it on the assets folder, the Unit simple stops responding and i need to open windows task manager to close it.

I can’t figure out why is this happening, since 30 minutos ago i had imported a model and everything worked like it should be. I already tried to save the model in another extension, like .fbx, but got the same problem.

My version of Unit is 4.1.2f.

Would be glad if someone could help me =x

For some reason unity is trying to process and copy the model to your folder, but is geting malfunction when process this model, after another model.

Try to: Reinstall Unity3D.
Export with another format.

Tip: Depends if your computer configuration supports unity well, sometimes Unity can’t work properly, because your PC configuration is not good.

Or consider, start a checkout in your memory.

I had this same problem when I imported models directly as a .blend. It USED to work fine but now it doesn’t.

I highly doubt it’s due to my computer, as my comp specs are :

8 gb RAM, 8 core 4.0 GHz processor, 2gb gpu

Along the same lines of what killer zog said, my solution was to export the model from blender as an FBX, and then send the FBX into unity.

Hasn’t failed yet.