Unit Test command line results contains unexpected passes


I’m implementing a bunch of unit test using Unity 5.6.4f1.
All my test works as intended in the Editor.
But when I run the test via command line, the result file contains some unexpected passes which mark the test has failed even if all my custom test functions were succesfull.

commandLine used: “C:\Program Files\Unity5.6.4f1\Editor/Unity.exe” -runTests -batchmode -nographics -logFile “C:\Projects\Git\Game\Unity\unityLog.txt” -quit -projectPath “C:\Projects\Git\Game\Unity” -testResults C:\Projects\Git\Game\Unity\unity_unitytests_results.xml -testPlatform editmode
Here is the strange node I’m getting in the results:


Why am I getting thoses ? Am I missing something in the configuration ?

Found solution here: https://forum.unity.com/threads/unit-test-runner-window-does-not-detect-testfixtures.483603/