Unity 1.0 is shipping

Thanks to the beta testers. Check out the homepage at http://otee.dk for the latest news.

See you around,


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Without exaggerating, this is the kind of software I've wanted to use on a computer since 1982, the software I would want to use as a career utility.

Since I've been making my own game modeling application for three years, getting used to Unity is a bit heavy in the short time I've tried it. However for the features it has and the user interface design, I have to give my humble praise.

If Unity is as good as it first appears to me, then I believe it will
do for games on Mac what Final Cut Pro has done for Video on Mac.

The web game demo was amazingly smooth, and well scaled
to allow demo games on websites to tease customers to buy
fullscreen application versions, or whatever else one can sell with 3D, brilliant!

I sincerely wish this team the best.

Bill Griffin

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On behalf of the team I can only give you the humblest thank-yous. It's been hard work and we're exceedingly proud that someone knowledgable in the field like yourself is so impressed.

And I very much hope you are right in your predictions.


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