Unity 2.0.2 just out!

We’re proud to announce Unity 2.0.2, one of those small-but-big releases :slight_smile:

Just counting in optimizations and bugfixes, Unity 2.0.2 is a huge release. But we added a few features and improvements too, mainly focusing on improving on the new features that were introduced in Unity 2.0. With this release we’re also officially introducing the Unity Resource area, but most of you will know about those 30 great resources already.

In any case, go fetch the installer and update your games for maximum stability and performance.

Release notes: http://unity3d.com/unity/whats-new/unity-2.0#unity-2.0.2
Download: http://unity3d.com/unity/download/
Unity Resources: Unity Learn

See you around!

You guys are great. That's quite an impressive feature list for a small increment update. Downloading now. Thanks!

:smile: Just as awesome as all the other "minor" updates you guys give us. Lots of these issues were bothering me already, and others I could have seen myself stumbling upon after long enough. I'll download when I have time!

And thus Unity takes one step closer to perfection!


Wow, great update. But most of the Trees in the Terrain Assets, don’t have alphas. Has anyone else noticed this?


Nice update UT, thanks!

The Unitron drag-n-drop functionality is really going to be a time saver for me. The new icon is attractive, too. Thanks!

I want to know who found this bug:

Fixed Fatal Error when importing more than 30,000 assets at once in a project folder.

And what project you are working on. ;)


The reported RenderToTexture issues are still alive...

Yes I have.

I'm looking into this right now

I've uploaded a fixed version of the terrain assets. Sorry for the hassle.

If you don't want to redownload, just open up all the leaf images in photoshop, flatten and save them - then Unity will pick up the alpha channel.


This is kind of funny because I was one of the first to grab it, but I haven't installed it yet.

I have a quick question first. Will it overwrite my 2.0.1 app file or just make a new one leaving me to manually remove the old one? It's my first incremental upgrade, so please forgive my ignorance. I just wanted to know beforehand.


It will install into /Application/Unity

So by default, it will overwrite your Unity 2.0.1 install, but if you rename it to, say, Unity201 before installing, it’ll create a new Unity folder

Thanks, Nicholas. I was actually hoping it would overwrite it by default. Much cleaner that way, I think.

and about the Unity low fps on screen performance compared with others engines?

and I´m not talking about small jumping ball games!!!

I´m talking about > just 3 animated models, all in the lower resolution in the avert fate Demo with Ridiculous and unacceptable fps on screen.

It is incredible how this is not reviewed in this comunity.

Avert Fate ran great at all times on my PC with integrated graphics. Perhaps you need a tune-up or a newer machine.

Thanks guys! This is a really cool update - I love it! It fixes quite a few of the issues I was having… In particular, the nasty crash I had on my two Windows notebooks is gone for good. That’s sooo coooool!!! And no more ints instead of bools for RPCs, also very cool!

Now let’s move on to developing more cool games and adding even better features (and improving existing ones) to the funnest and most productivity-enhancingest game engine I know :slight_smile:

… oh well, I guess for the UT-Masters ™ it’s time to party first, right!? 8)


PS: V0.8 is lurking, adding power-ups right now :wink:

Because there is no such issue. It is, of course, possible to make games which run badly, but that’s true of all engines. There’s nothing inherent in Unity that is slow; it’s up to you to respect the limits of hardware and implement scalability features in an appropriate way.


Ooh. A troll! :smile:

Anyway, fantastic update! Thanks! I’ll be migrating ASAP. :slight_smile: