Unity 2.0

Is there set date for the release of 2.0 (possibly before the end of the year)?
Also, will the upgrade fee for the Indie version be the same buying it new, or will it be significantly less?

Thanks, Bronx

The upgrade fee will be less than the full price. We have not announced the release date of Unity 2.0 yet. We will announce it a few months before it will be released.

Do you think it would be best to wait for the Indie 2.0 version, or buy the current version(for a stand-point of: "I want to save as much money possible without waiting 2+ months")?

I can't see how you would be saving money by buying later. I doubt the upgrade price will be much more than the difference of the two versions.

Besides, I have no insider information but Unity 2.0 is almost certainly more than 2 months away. Probably much longer.

If it is more then 2 months away then I will buy now :)

Thanks for the help

Welcome to the club!

Heck, I'll probably be asking you for programming advice not too long from now. :P


Do you have AIM or MSN? We can chat there if you like :)

Btw, I didn't mean buying this second, probably within the next week or two :p

Well, good luck to you.

As for advice... the Scripting forum is a great place to ask and to get help with code. You were asking about C# and Javascript earlier; a quick gander in there will show how easy it is to get answers and info. I generally anklebite around there.

Thanks, do you wish to talk anyways?

I'll be digging up old threads and be reading them.