Unity 2.6 Support Windows 7 multi-touch?

Hi, Does Unity 2.6.1 support the multi-touch gestures features of Windows 7? I am developing a multimedia presentation that will be using an HP Touchsmart computer and would like to build some Unity Interactive components such as rotating a model using finger swipe gestures.

Is this possible with Unity?



First of all, you'd want the uniTUIO script collection http://www.xtuio.com/, which enables the TUIO touch framework to work with Unity.

Then you'll need one of the touch bridges, translating events from various input sources to uniTUIO. For Dell Latitude, HP Touchsmart, and any NextWindow-based system, you should use the TouchsmartTUIO bridge http://gkaindl.com/software/touchsmart-tuio. For native Windows 7 WM_TOUCH and N-Trig systems, you should use the W2TUIO bridge http://nuigroup.com/forums/viewthread/4087/.

Unity 2.6.1 cannot do this yet out of the box. However, if you're publishing as a standalone player, you could get this to work by writing a plugin.