Unity 2017.2.0b9 Internal Server Error 120.999

I upgraded to Unity 2017.2.0b9. I can now put in my credentials, but i get the following error, after i clock on Login:
“message” : " Internetal Server Error",
“code” : “120.999”
Anyone has an idea what to do?

I have the same problem, but I use Unity 2017.1.1f1.
Could you solve your problem? Or anyone else has a suggestion?

Thanks for any help

I don’t know if this would be helpful, but I’m getting the very same 120.999 error when trying to buy something from Asset Store in my web browser. So it’s maybe not a Unity Editor error per se, but rather something happening with their servers.

I solved it! I use an Active Directory Windows Account with Folder Riderection. I created a local Windowsuser, right-clicked on “Unity 2017.2.0b11 (64-bit)” while holding the Shift-button and run Unity as the local User.

@wederw Thank you! :smiley: