Unity 2017.2.0f3 Resolving Package Error

I downloaded and instaled the latested version of Unity and when i try to open an old project from Unity 2017.1.1 i got a message of “Resolving Package” and the Unity Editor stop working and the only option is to close it. Any help would be greatly appreciated…

I’m experiencing the exact same issue.

The perfect solution

1 Disconnect the network

2 Delete the UnityPackageManager folder in the project directory

3 Open unity and click your project

Perfect solution! ! ! ! !

This broken problem bothered me for a day, tried all the ways in the forums …

Same issue here for 2017.2.0f3 after updating from 2017.1.

Update: The issue should be fixed in Unity 20172.0p4.

If not, please send us a bug report.




We have found one 100% repro step for this issue. An empty *hosts file* is the cause. We have a fix in the way. But in the meantime, can you check the content of your hosts file. It should be located here:

On Windows:


On macOS:


Make sure the *localhost* host name is defined like this

` localhost`

Another solution other users have reported to work is to set the UNITY_NOPROXY environment variable to localhost:

On Windows command prompt,

`setx UNITY_NOPROXY localhost,`

On Mac > terminal,

`export UNITY_NOPROXY=localhost,`

If this fix does not work or if your hosts file is already correct, we also found out that anti-virus softwares can prevent the *Unity Package Manager* process to start. In that scenario, you can disable your anti-virus software for a few minutes to test if it works. If it did, configure your anti-virus to whitelist the NodeJS bundled with Unity (Under Unity installation folder, `/Tools/nodejs/node.exe` on Windows of `/Tools/nodejs/bin/node` on other platforms).

Let me know if it resolve the issue!


Im also having the same issues, ive tried everything on there and do you think this has anything related to this?


I cant edit any of the components!

unity game engine - Unity3D Package Cache errors(?) - Stack Overflow this may be help also, i try both solution, one given by @okcompute_unity and above link and now working correct for my project. all error gone I had updated from unity 2019.1.4f1 to unity 2019.4.0f1 LTS and error comes.
Thanks @okcompute_unity