Unity 2017.2f1 Cloud Build Deadlock with Mono Upgrade

Two out of three builds for a project I own using the experimental Mono upgrade and 2017.2f1 seem to deadlock after certain steps in Unity Cloud build, causing a lot of the builds to be canceled due to running for too long.

The last log message sent before it deadlocks is “Cleanup mono” and most commonly happens after running unit tests.

Local builds seem to work just fine: it’s only Cloud Builds that seem to fail.

Sorry for previous reply - wrong thread. We’re looking into this.

Any update on this? We would strongly like to use newer C# language features in our projects, but this seems to be a big blocker for us.

Still discussing / investigating with the Scripting team. I realize it’s a huge impediment and we’re hoping to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

@james7132 - this should be fixed in Unity Cloud Build now. Let me know if you continue to see issues there.