[Unity 2017.4.0f1] Crashes on Start, Unhandled

Hello dear Community,

My Unity [2017.4.0f1] keeps crashing on startup on a white window.
It goes to a white screen, crashes and if i try to debug i get an unhandled win32 exception.
Im running it on WIndows 10 64bit.

Things ive tried:

  • Reinstalling
  • Deleting settings / reg.
    entry with reinstalling
  • manually installing other visual studio versions
  • installing different unity versions
  • No lavasoft-somethingsomething dll present (never
    installed that)
  • versions dxdiag says everythings up-to-date too (dx12)

thanks in advance, im realy desperated here. Im kind of required to get it to tun on this machine so i dont have any other options

EDIT1: if you read this, have the same problems but tested additional things, pleas poste them so i can try them too thanks :slight_smile:

Same here

2017.4.0f1, on Windows 7
dxdiag dx11 says everthing is ok

Same here
2017.4.0f1, on Windows 7 crashing at the start
2018.1 is working