Unity 2017.4.1f1 gets stuck at sign in screen


I have a major problem, where unity hub and unity 2017.4.1f1 will not let me sign in, when trying to sign in, this loading screen shows:

alt text

And when done, it redirects me to the sign in page all over again.

Please advise.

This started happening today. Probably something about the licensing servers. Here is the only way I found to solve it:

  1. delete the C:\ProgramData\Unity folder
  2. start 5.6.5 version (I’m guessing any 5.6 would do - no at this point 2017.4 and Unity Hub both still loop the login screen)
  3. follow the re-activation process.
  4. close Unity 5.6 launcher without opening a project
  5. Finally launch Unity 2017.4
    although it still can’t login to the in-app asset store, but you get to use Unity in any case.

I hope this helps.

hey happened to me also , back up any project that you have and then open any folder and go to %AppData%
you’ll be dropped in a folder called roaming , delete Unity folder
then go up one folder and delete the Unity folder inside Local and LocalLow .
it worked for me