Unity 2017 used in an academic project to be published on a website


The Nordic Wind Energy Center (NWEC) was aimed to establish a competence center of wind power in cold climate by bringing business and public sectors together. The center was funded by EU Interreg Botnia-Atlantica Programme, together with Regional Council of Ostrobothnia and Nordland. In December 2015, NWEC launched the WindCoE project, which ended in May 2018.

Project partners were Novia University of Applied Sciences, University of Vaasa, Umeå University, Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK), The Arctic University of Norway and Luleå University of Technology.

In this project, the objective of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences was to create a realistic 3D model of a location in the near vicinity of a wind park plan in the Finnish Ostrobothnia region. This area had to have an emotional place attachment for the local population.

The task of TUT was to study if Virtual Reality may have an effect on the social acceptance of wind energy. This study was to be carried out with the virtual reality model created by SeAMK using the photogrammetric 3D modeling method. The WindCoE project offered a good opportunity to explore this method.


We used the following software packages for the software project:

  1. Bentley ContextCapture Desktop/Trial edition - v4.4.7.68
  2. Autodesk 3ds Max 2017 SP3 Educational
  3. Adobe Photoshop Version: 2015.5.1 20160722.r.156 - Educational
  4. Unity Technologies Unity 2017.3.1f1 - Grant License for Qualified Educational Institutions
  5. Photon Multiplayer - Photon Unity Networking Free 1.90
  6. Photon Multiplayer - Photon Voice Free 1.15

Now as the project has ended, we would like to share the VR software in the website of the WindCoE. The website is http://www.nordisktvindenergicenter.eu/. We would like to ask, if it is allowed by your company’s End User License Agreement (EULA) to share this software for free, without any commercial revenue, to anyone who downloads it.

Please let us know if you think that sharing the application through our project website does not conform to the EULA, and if so, is there something that we should make differently.

If we do not receive any reply from your side until 31st July 2018, we assume that there are no obstacles in publishing the software on the website.

Tapio Hellman
Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, School of Technology

Good day.

I did not read all your text, but by Unity side, all content developed with Unity free version can published with comercial propuses if your year income does not exceed $100.000 USD.

The use of third parties elements (images, music etc…) is specifyc for each element.

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