Unity 2018.1.1f1 not connecting to Remote 5

I can not get my android tablet to connect to Unity 2018.1.1f1 for development with Remote 5 version 2.0.

To test this I started with an new project then switch it to the Android build settings. Then I set the editor to ‘Any Android Device’ in the Edit>Project Settings>Editor dialog. I close the application and connect my tablet with the USB cable. I give the computer access to the tablet and start Remote 5. Then boot Unity and when the new empty game is loaded I hit play.

But nothing happens on the tablet. ??? It’s like there is no connection at all. but the tablet shows as connected to the computer and I can save files to it.

What am I missing here?

Found the issue after updating everything… Some how the button on the tablet in Developer settings the switch for Allow USB Debugging was switched off. Once I set it again to On everything was fine