Unity 2018.2.0f2 Crashing to Desktop with "Object is already loaded" errors.

The issue happens with Play Test. Either pausing it, or exiting it will result to instant crash. The errors can be seen on Console if the game is not maximised.

After updating to newest Unity this issue has appeared, and when the error does point to
some certain script deleting the script just makes the error switch to new “target” so to speak and soon enough your project is completely empty… hehe.

The editor as its current state is useless, as you cant run the play test at all.

In my case the error first pointed to Aquas, and after purging aquas from project it switched to whine about playMaker. Same story, editor crashing.


Had to roll back to previous version, which is always rather dangerous to the project itself.
And as it turns out i’m not only one with this problem, others have reported to have this too.

So, anyone managed to fix this? Or is this completely on Unity’s side to fix?

-Just now rolled back to previous, and as i expected it broke a crap ton of stuff. Yay.

Hi, check out this thread: https://forum.unity.com/threads/2018-2-0-macos-editor-scene-loading-crash.541644/

Bottom line: Enable the “Legacy Particle System” Package in package manager. Fixed this issue for us at least.

I have the same problem but my problem is when this errors will shown unity be crash