Unity 2018.3.0b1 Isometric Tilemap

I’m using the isometric tilemap in Unity 2018.3.0b1 and it’s great. However, I’m having some issues. I’m not very experienced with the tilemap in general and the isometric mode is still in beta so these may all be due to different causes, but I’m just gonna list them all:

  1. When I scroll just a bit to the left in game mode, the whole tilemap becomes invisible. I can scroll to the right as far as I want with the tilemap still being visible, but just a bit to the left and it disappears.
  2. Weird seams that appear and move over the tilemap when placing tiles in game mode:
    alt text
  3. The z order of some tiles seem to change when moving the camera:
    alt text
  4. Also im generally kinda confused why my tilemap looks like this at some places:
    alt text
    I place the tiles via code and everything has the same z order and is on the same tilemap.

If anybody can shed some light on some of these issues I would by very thankful.

Have a look at the Chunk vs Individual Mode.

the same problem? chunk mode work incorrect

I could fix everything with the information from this thread: https://forum.unity.com/threads/isometric-tilemap-sorting-issues.554914/
Setting from Chunk to Individual Mode was one of the multiple steps

I trying to implement click on tilemap, but i geting stuck.

can u share u code?