Unity 2018.4.5f1- Blender could not convert the .blend file to FBX file.

Hi, I have a big problem: sometimes I cannot save some Blender models from 2.80 version and an error message appears in Unity.

Blender could not convert the .blend file to FBX file.
You need to use Blender 2.45-2.49 or 2.58 and later versions for direct Blender import to work

I have Unity 2018.4.5f1 version and I don’t know what I have to do now, please help.

I dont know if Unity supports blender files but you can export them into a file format it does understand like FBX or Objs (I think Objs are your safest bet as I dont think they require 3rd party software to enable support for them)


Ok so it does support them providing your version of blender supports exporting to FBX.

So, there may be something in your blender file that is causing the export to fail. Check the list of compatible objects or just use the exporter from within blender.

I found that I had this problem with unity 2020.1.16f1 and blender 2.91 on windows. Posting my fix here in case it helps others.

give the Unity hub and the installed unity.exe “run as administrator” privilege’s so that the intermediate files have the permision to be written. Also, verify that blender 2.91 is set as the system default for “open with” on all .blend files.

I have the 2018 version of Unity… maybe this version doesn’t support blender 2.80… anyway, actually i’m exporting models from blender to .fbx files, but in future i’ll update unity
Thanks a lot for your time.

This question doesnt belong here, go to blender website for this.