Unity 2018 emission value box missing?,emission value box is missing

all tutorials and videos I found have the value box beside the Color picker, but mine doesn’t have it no matter how many new materials I created. Where did I go wrong?

p.s. I’m not trying to go in-depth in Unity, just installed few hours ago because I need to check the models and materials I just exported because my programmer won’t be available until Sunday, so if I have to do scripting to fix this please explain step-by-step like you’d teach newbie

It’s been replaced with the HDR color picker. Inside, the Intensity is default 0 (no emission). Change the value to more than 0 and less than 2 to see your material glow.,So, apparently, it’s “by design”. That sucks!
Not sure what the alternative it.

@Raikojou I also could not find the Emission Value. Did you solve the problem? Thanks.,I also could not find emission value box. Did you find it?