unity 2019.01 High Definition RP - Setting up the post-processing stack

Hello, is it possible to set up a post-processing stack using unity 2019.01 and a High Definition RP project ?

I can’t follow the documentation: Redirect to... title of new-page

Post Processing Behaviour. is not available.

How can I learn how to use the post processing effects the sample scene is using ?

I had the same trouble. Post-processing already included in HDRP package, so you should just add Volume component to gameobject, set it to Post-processing layer and chose that layer in Main camera settings.
alt text

Hello @GileanVoid , can you tell me which version of High Definition RP you are using ? 5.7.2, 5.10 or 5.13 ?

It’s not working for me with 5.10.