Unity 2019.1.0, images are not shown in nox player with message GL.End requires material.SetPass before

I recently updates unity version to 2019.1.0 from 2018.3.4.
I made android 2d game and it worked well in editor, android mobile device and nox player when I use ver. 2018.3.4.
But after updating, there’re no images shown in nox player.(works ok on editor and mobile device)
The only thing that I can see in nox player is a camera background color.
The game sound and other things(banner ad, touch and scene loading) except images works well.

In logcat, it has a bunch of same messages, which not appears in logcat of mobile device.
E/Unity ( 4468): GL.End requires material.SetPass before!
E/Unity ( 4468):
E/Unity ( 4468): (Filename: ./Runtime/GfxDevice/DrawImmediate.cpp Line: 172)

I’m not sure this error occurs because of updating,
but I almost change nothing after updating and face this problem.

I searched it in google for many hours, but got no help…
Can anyone help me?

Thank you.
Have a good day.

Hello! I am having the same issue. Did you find any solution for this ?

same issue, any update?,Same issue, any update?