Unity 2019.2 and Steam VR 2.2 I move essue

HI am working on Unity 2019.2 and Steam VR 2.2 I use Oculus S Headset and Controllers

When I working with the Player Prefabs, It’s working with the Default action-set, and I can Teleport from one point to another.

But - I want also to move and rotate(On Dpad) and also teleport (Click) and I can’t manage to move with the controller in the scene, just to teleport

I tried to work with Your Document: Get HTC Vive Touchpad values: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QWVIQufpMMxsMx19ufViH1AUTeWhCaD4cOmMgFlIx9Y/edit

I add the line:

 public Hand otherHand;
 public SteamVR_Input_Sources handType;
 public SteamVR_Behaviour_Pose trackedObject;
 public SteamVR_Action_Boolean grabPinchAction = SteamVR_Input.GetAction<SteamVR_Action_Boolean>("GrabPinch");
 public SteamVR_Action_Boolean grabGripAction = SteamVR_Input.GetAction<SteamVR_Action_Boolean>("GrabGrip");
 public SteamVR_Action_Vibration hapticAction = SteamVR_Input.GetAction<SteamVR_Action_Vibration>("Haptic");
 public SteamVR_Action_Boolean uiInteractAction = SteamVR_Input.GetAction<SteamVR_Action_Boolean>("InteractUI");
 **public SteamVR_Action_Vector2 actionMove = SteamVR_Input.GetAction<SteamVR_Action_Vector2>("default", "Move");**

the line: Vector2 direction = actionMove.GetAxis(SteamVR_Input_Sources.RightHand); I dont Know where to put in the hand Code

I see the Move Function in SteamVR Live Input view, but I can’t See the Result in-game mode only - teleport

It’s possible the Oculus S controller can’t do the Move Action?

Need Your Help Please

Find the Solution with the Help of the Steam VR Support