Unity 2019.4.37f1 freezing when opening scripts

I’m using unity 2019.4.37f1 because I need to use plastic SCM, and every time I try to open a script through it, it just freezes and becomes entirely unresponsive. I have to close it via task manager each time.
Everything else works just fine in unity. I can play the scene, edit sprites etc. but not open scripts. I know it’s the version I’m using because I tried an older version of 2019, and there were no issues. It’s also not visual studio because that works just fine when opened on its own.

I’ve tried resetting, reinstalling, updating, and nothing is working. Anyone know how to fix this?

I have found a temporary workaround if you open your project scripts with visual studio separate to unity it won’t freeze when you open them through unity AS LONG AS THEY REMAIN OPEN.
The problem seems to be with unity starting up visual studio for some reason.