Unity 2019 Decal projector, Not rendering at all (screenshot included)

I have had a look around on tutorials just to make sure i am doing it right, and they all say i am but i am still having this issue where decals just wont show up. I might be doing something stupid but hopefully not.

So ive got a test scene as seen below, HDRP is installed and active, all i have in the scene is the basics of what is needed, a camera, a decal projector with nothing changed from the default component apart from the material and size. The material for the projector is a HDRP Decal, with emojis sprite for the base map. and finally a default unity cube for the projector to render on. i should also mention the projector is 0.5 units from the centre of the cube.
I thought it was meant to be easy to setup but i cant rap my head around why the decal wont show. also i have tried other sprites for The material with no luck.

any help is apprenticed

Not to Worry!, I was an idiot, i didn’t check HDRP asset setting, i did not enable decals. I presumed they would be on by default! for those looking at this in the future, head to your HDrenderPipelineASSET->RENDERING->DECALS and tick on the the enable tickbox.