Unity 2019 picture upload as .jpg file

I am using the native android/ios plugin to upload pictures to my server.
plugin - Native Gallery for Android & iOS | Integration | Unity Asset Store

example code - GitHub - sltutoriais/PHPHTTPServer

When I select an image it gives me a path where I can use the texture. file location is stored under Application.temporaryCachePath/pickedMedia.png or Application.temporaryCachePath/pickedMedia.jpg

both pickedMedia.png and pickedMedia.jpg return a Texture2d that I display on a rawImage.texture.

The Problem— When I upload the .pickedMedia.png as a file, it uploads flawlessly. When I try and upload the pickedMedia.jpg, nothing gets sent to my server. I changed I all .png to .jpg and would think it wouid work but it doesn’t. If anyone has any advice, knowledge, or test suggestions, please let me know.

When I send the png file for upload via php it works flawlessly.

I just figured it out, I retried converting everything over to .png and it works. issues I dealt with this is php problems and chmod issues.