Unity 2019 still a pain in the neck, how can i fix android sdk problems?

This always happens with every update of unity, there is always a problem with building to android.
I have been using unity 2018 for awhile now and I design android games but I had lots of problems with android SDK in unity 2018 and so as an android game developer I couldn’t create any android games using unity because there always a grade build fail, so I rather used Unreal Engine to create my android games because it gave me no problems. Then later on I heard about unity 2019 and decided to give unity a try one more time because from what I heard, it now has its own default android SDK and I won’t have to struggle again.
So I downloaded unity hub version 2.1.0 and I also got unity 2019.1.14f and decided to try a test build on android and it gave me some error about updating the android a API
I learnt that all I needed to do was to add a module of android SDK and ndk in the unity hub so I went on to do it and to my greatest surprise unity hub 2.1.0 doesn’t allow me to that.

Check my screenshot : Do you see the add modules in your unity hub? If you don’t , can you put YOUR screenshot here?

See it doesn’t give me the did modules option
Please help me

Even if you add them it wont work… Unity and Android is a broken mess together… I WISH I could target Android, but Unity is completely broken when it comes to that… How many more hours should I waste running in circles being told to do the same crap that doesnt work due to Unities broken f’n code?

Sad and pathetic, wish they could fix this.

IE - THere is no way to fix the problems… Go back to Unreal, its a real engine!