Unity 2020.2 crashes when loading my Unity 2020.1 project

I created a Project in Unity 2020.1 and wanted to upgrade to Unity 2020.2 but the Editor crashes every time I tried to open it up.

Suddenly there are Compile Errors, and Unity is asking to start safe mode: The project you are opening contains compilation errors. Entering Safe Mode allows you to resolve these errors without waiting for the rest of your project to import. If you select Ignore (not recommended), your project will continue to import, but it may be in a broken or unusable state.


Then I got this Error: Failed to present D3D11 swapchain due to device reset/removed. This error can happen if you draw or dispatch very expensive workloads to the GPU, which can cause Windows to detect a GPU Timeout and reset the device.


Even new projects are crashing like this using Unity 2020.2. Unity 2020.1 is running like a charm on my rig :confused:

Any ideas on this? Thanks!

I have the same problem.

Works only in version 1.0.