Unity 2020 and Oculus SDK 50 utils Crashes with no keystore values entered.


Oculus APK Build crashes if this was an android app (with key stores for GPlay) and the key store values are not entered. I can repeat this over and over and the build succeeds once I enter key store values.

What is very odd, is that it returns hidden shader compiler errors, which have never been touched by anyone, and when you open them up in VSS the shaders are fine and compile fine.

Another issue that after building, I have 1 to 2 Open JDK left open in my task manager. If I do not end those tasks, Unity will crash on next build.

Very annoying, but I am currently resolving it by ending tasks after every build.
This is unexpected, Unity has been so stable from 2019 and previous. I have to assume this is all Oculus SDKs fault.8898477--1217310--Capture.JPG

If it reproduces consistently, can you file a bug?

Done, im not uploading my 4.5gb project.
this can all be repeated in an empty project.